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Small Business Marketing Strategies Revealed!

A shocking fact was uncovered about small business marketing in a recent survey. These SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) owners and self-employed professionals were asked,

What were the THREE biggest challenges
facing your business in the last 12 months?"

SME Marketing Facts

The TOP 10 Challenges of SMEs identified were:

  1. Too many distractions 29.3%
  2. Lack of connection 16.6%
  3. Lack of guidance 15.2%
  4. Retaining staff 5.9%
  5. Non-supportive family/friends 5.5%
  1. Finding clients/customers 43.9%
  2. Wearing too many hats 40.9%
  3. Not enough hours in the day 38.2%
  4. Getting business model right 34.1%
  5. Getting paid/cashflow 29.7%

43.9% of 1,700 SME owners said that
their biggest challenge in their business is

SME Marketing Facts

The Root of the Problem

Most SME owners and self-employed professionals started their business either revolving around their expertise or their passion. They have no intention of becoming the marketing expert that is required of them to effectively market their business! But yet, the fact remains that

80% of Success in Small Business Depends on You Being Able to Effectively MARKET that Thing You Do!

Whether it is a small business marketing in Singapore, Malaysia, China or Asia, this fact applies to all SMEs and self-employed professionals.

You could have the Best Product in the world...SO WHAT if you do not have a duplicable PROCESS to deliver it to the world.

You could be a really professional Real Estate Agent...SO WHAT if you have no SYSTEM to attract endless targeted prospects.

You could be a brilliant Financial Advisor, helping people make savvy investments...SO WHAT if you do not know how to MARKET your services.

Bottomline is...if you don't have the time nor inclination to figure out small business marketing and develop a long-term marketing strategy, that is vital to attracting new clients and keeping existing clients on a consistent basis, you will be out of business very soon.

Process-Driven Marketing Strategy

We know how SME owners feel. You are probably way too involved in the day-to-day operations and fire-fighting daily challenges of your business. Sales presentations, order fulfillment, customer service, product development, business networking, attending trade shows, staff recruitment and training...the list goes on. Effective small business marketing seems so out of reach.
  • You've tried flyers, surveys, asking for referrals, attending trade shows, but all these are either ineffec tive or take up way too much of your time.
  • You thought about advertising on newspapers, TV and radio, but the costs are prohibi tively high and the response rates are horrendously low.
  • You got a web designer, spent a couple of thousand of dollars, only to get a nice flashy website with no visitors, and collecting digital dust.
  • You've attended Internet marketing seminars, and got bombarded with selling eBooks, joining affiliate programs, selling membership sites...and learned nothing that is useful to YOUR traditional business, after spending thou sands of dollars.

What Your Business Really Need is
a Process-Driven Marketing Strategy.

You need to automate your marketing using a process-driven marketing strategy to sort through your prospects systematically for you, while you spend time on more value adding activities like building relationship with your existing clients.

Small business marketing isn't rocket science. Sign up for our e-Course "More Clients, More Sales, More Referrals", and learn how you can leverage on an effective small business marketing strategy that is focused on producing net profit.

SME Marketing Facts
    In this informative e-Course, you will learn:-

  • How to start any business the right way
  • Where exactly is the net profit in your business
  • What are the marketing misconceptions of SMEs
  • How to perform marketing reengineering
  • What are the 3 laws marketing physics
  • How to create a marketing plan that works
  • How to build a marketing funnel that attracts endless prospects
NPQ Profit Chart
SME Marketing Facts

Together with the eCourse, you will get to download the NPQ Profit Chart, which is a quick reference PDF document, containing 378 ways to increase your net profits. Also, you will get a 19-min MP3 recording of an interview I did with a journalist from Malaysia's Star newspaper.

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The information inside "More Clients, More Sales, More Referrals" e-Course will help SME owners like you to have a fundamental understanding of how to get more net profits without increasing marketing costs. It's yours FREE. Just sign up for the eCourse by filling up the form below.
SME Marketing Facts
SME Marketing Facts

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