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Aesthetic Clinic, Singapore
Frontier Wellness and Holistic Center

Frontier Wellness and Holistic Center is an alternative health care and aesthetic clinic in Singapore. Our clinic does not use any traditional or conventional medical treatments and we do not make any medical diagnosis or medical claims. We offer quite a complete holistic and aesthetic care to our patients and not just as a slimming centre although our key area of treatment is in body contouring and anti-aging solutions.

Our treatments are completely safe with no harmful side effects. At our aesthetic clinic in Singapore, we give treatments that do not use or generate any radiation and we do not use any chemical. Neither do we have any invasive skin procedures. You can be assured of our safety measures taken to ensure an effective treatment at our clinic.

Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore

The aesthetic clinic in Singapore is co-founded by Mr Goh Li Hsing, RN, BSc in Applied Psychology (Australia) and Certified Bicom Bioresonance Therapist (Germany). Li Hsing is a registered nurse with the Singapore nursing board and a certified energy medicine practitioner. He has over 10 years of health care experience in both conventional and alternative medicine, such as pharmaceutical research, psychology and clinical nutrition. He is currently in private practice.

You can say that the aesthetic clinic in Singapore is supported by a team of dedicated and qualified healthcare professionals with over 20 years of healthcare experience, especially in holistic practices. We are definitely well qualified and way above the rest when it comes to holistic treatments, unlike others where they are managed mainly by businessmen.

As such, we, at Frontier Wellness and Holistic Center aesthetic clinic in Singapore, agrees to deliver quality and professional treatments to help you get well faster. We are committed to continue our research and education to be able to serve you more professionally and effectively, with total honesty and integrity in our practice. Therefore we will continue to expand our list of services and be in constant education to keep up with latest findings so that we can continue to service you and your needs better.
  • We believe your wellbeing comes first and profit comes second.
  • We believe in empowering you with honest science over propagated science.
  • We believe in letting results speak for themselves rather than using pressured selling.

Message from Mr Goh Li Hsing, co-founder of the aesthetic clinic in Singapore.

Mr Goh strongly believes that every individual is like a building block which requires both building materials and constructive work in order for them to live well and be healthy. As a result, he frequently combines both nutrition and energy medicine in his practice. At the aesthetic clinic in Singapore, he has helped all kinds of clients to recover successfully from severe immune problems, allergies, chronic life style problems such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. He has also worked with hundreds of children and has also helped them to improve their cognitive function through treatment & nutrition and to overcome developmental problems such as Autism and ADHD.

He constantly seeks for new breakthroughs and discoveries from his aesthetic clinic in Singapore so as to help his clients better. It is his mission to help people achieve optimum body & mind function & thus, to live a more meaningful life without pain. Li Hsing is also a highly sought after speaker on the topic of health & wellness. A passionate speaker, Li Hsing empowers his audience with with the truth on topics such as nutrition, health matters and happiness.

Important Health Fact

In many countries, including Singapore, we do not have a governing body to regulate the alternative or traditional health care and holistic clinics industry. Unlike our aesthetic clinic in Singapore, what is happening is that anyone who has some knowledge and money can simply open a holistic clinic and claim to be a practitioner. This is similar to what is happening with spiritual healing industry. Some do not even have basic high school education and they gather their knowledge from internet and books. They often do not have the understanding of the pathophysiology of the problem and therefore may not give the right treatment or solution to the patient's problem.

As a proper holistic healthcare and aesthetic clinic in Singapore, we are concern of the consequences of such unregulated practice. Not that their treatments are dangerous or harmful to you, but you as the patient may just end up paying a huge sum of money for something that you probably do not need. They often emphasize more of the wonders of the machine that they use for treatment instead of giving the right knowledge and solution to the patient. You as the patient must strongly understand and do some research on the background of these practitioners and clinics before going for their treatments.

Our alternative healthcare and aesthetic clinic in Singapore offer the following solution and treatment:

  • Preventive healthcare consultation and treatment
  • Health screening
  • Express slimming treatment
  • Lifestyle problems consultation and treatment
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Health counseling
  • Pain management and others

At our aesthetic clinic in Singapore, we offer holistic solutions that depend on individual patient's requirements and needs. Therefore we need to understand and study the individual's health history and background before we offer any treatments or solution.

Some of our treatments as a slimming centre for Body Sculpting & Anti-aging are in the following areas of expertise:

Facial treatments:
Eye bags, wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging.

Body slimming or body contouring:
Flabby arms, sculpting and toning of back, breast lifting, shaping of buttocks, sculpting and toning of thighs, and anti saddle bags.

At our aesthetic clinic in Singapore, we use a patented radio frequency (RF) treatment that has more than 25 years of clinical presence and it is a favorite among top plastic surgeons in the world. It is safe and has no down time. It is technology that works from within. This new technology with new method and new protocols will give you new results. Its deep action mobilizes the ions and helps provides energy inside the body and it helps optimize the ionic exchange in your body to balance the electric potential in the tissue. With many benefits, it does Cell regeneration, Lipolysis, Reshaping, Firming, Skin Tone, Oxygenation, Moisturizing. Some of the benefits include:
  • Smooths the body's cellulite
  • Helps to lift the face
  • Smooths your wrinkles
  • Lifts the bust for a firmer bust
  • Helps with body contouring
  • Revitalizes your aging skin

For more information on the treatments and services offered by our aesthetic clinic in Singapore, please visit Frontier Wellness and Holistic centre at the location provided below or our website at You can also complete the enquiry form to ask for live demonstration.

Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore
Frontier Wellness and Holistic Center

1 Coleman Street
#B1-20 The Adelphi
Singapore 179803

Tel : +65 6336 4767

Website :

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