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Aquarium Shop in Singapore
That Aquarium

That Aquarium is a local leading 1-stop aquarium shop in Singapore for your entire aquarium needs.

That Aquarium provides a wide range of aquarium fish species. From basic aquarium tank to customized tanks, fish feed and supplements of all brands, a jungle selection of aquatic plants and accessories, water filtering systems and maintenance services, That Aquarium has it all to help you create a magical underwater world of beautiful fishes. That Aquarium also have fishes from all the key importers in Singapore, so we are able to source for you most of the fishes from all over the world. When it comes to sourcing for your aquarium needs, look no further than our aquarium shop in Singapore.

Aquarium Shop Singapore

For ornament fish lovers, having an aquarium is often a source of comfort and a time of relaxation. Sometimes, a beautiful aquarium life is even a pride for the owner. We understand that the usual goldfish and guppies’ varieties are just not enough. The little neighbourhood pet store’s tiny selection can get a little boring and disappointing after a while. That’s why That Aquarium shop in Singapore is a primary choice for all fish enthusiasts. Complete the online enquiry form below for more information on how we can help you.

At That Aquarium shop in Singapore, we know what it takes to create such an aquarium that will wow you each time you see it. Started 25 years ago as a humble fish farm, we now have over 300 varieties of tropical and ornament fish species. We provide healthy and high quality vibrant fishes bred at our own fish farm located in Johor. Our retail shop in Singapore is specially set up to serve the local market due to popular demands. As the years gone by, our reputation grew and spread and we now export and serve overseas market too.

Beautiful aquarium tanks do not necessarily belong to only rich owners. Many gave up the dream of having an aquarium at home due to the cost of maintaining one. The regular price tag of simple varieties of fish can get expensive at small retail shops. Starting or adding to your aquarium can be costly then with these small aquarium shops that you find in Singapore, which may also have limited variety of choices.

We want help you create your dream aquarium tank. We want your aquarium to be an enjoyment in your life, not a burden to your wallet. When you come and visit our shop in Singapore, we aim to give you the best value for the price you pay, our choices are wide and affordable, so you can create your aquarium to be a better one and not be limited due to costly accessories. We can help you customise your aquarium.

Aquarium Shop Singapore

Ever feel frustrated talking to shop assistants who have no idea on how to help you? It takes you more time to explain the problem and more effort to educate the shop assistant, who is supposed to help you in the first place. At That Aquarium shop in Singapore, you definitely will not have to deal with that. Our 25 years of experience in ornament and tropical fish farming enable us to speak to you as experienced professionals. We’re all fish enthusiasts like you are, ready to answer your questions, ready to have your aquarium needs fulfilled, ready to solve any of your aquarium difficulties.

For more information on what we have to offer you, read more on our products and services below. You can visit That Aquarium shop in Singapore or you can fill in our online enquiry form below, we’ll be happy to get back to you with answers to your questions.

About Us
That Aquarium, your local 1-stop aquarium shop in Singapore, can help you with your requirements and needs for your aquarium.

Products available at our aquarium shop in Singapore:
  • Over 300 species of various tropical & ornament fishes
    (including albino and short body fishes.)
  • Fish Feed
  • Fish Medicine
  • Fish Supplements & Vitamins
  • Aquatic Plants
  • Water Filters
  • Aquarium Tanks
  • Fish Tank Lightings
  • Aquarium Ornaments
  • Aquatic Accessories
  • Auto Water Changing Systems
  • Fish Pond Ornaments
  • Other Pet Supplies

Aquarium Shop Singapore

Aquarium Shop Singapore

Popular products brand names that we carry at our aquarium shop in Singapore:

AquaZonic Aqumedi Arcadia
Arctica Atman AZOO
Classica Cleverfish Dennerle
Dolphin Dymax Eheim
Ferka Fluva Furry Pals
GEX Guppy Hailea
Hai Feng Hai Yang Hikari
Jebo Laguna Mr Aqua
Nisso Ocean Free OTTO
PetFran Pinpoint Rena
Rio Seachem Seio
Sera SICCE Sumo
Super Tetra Tropical
UP Weipro and many more!

Added services to our customers:
  • Custom made fish tanks and cabinets
  • Maintenance services for fish tanks and ponds
  • Fish tank shifting service
  • Professional set up of fish tanks and filter systems
  • Designing of your dreamed fish tank system

Aquarium Shop Singapore
Aquarium Shop Singapore
Aquarium Shop Singapore

For more information on what we have to offer, visit That Aquarium shop located in Singapore or you can fill in our online enquiry form below, we’ll be happy to get back to you with answers to your questions.

Products and Services

Aquarium Shop in Singapore
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Aquarium Shop in Singapore:

Blk 618 Yishun Ring Road
Singapore 760618
Tel:+65 6758 5488
     +65 9386 9228

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