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Brake Lining Provider, Singapore
Cheong Sheng Machinery

Cheong Sheng Machinery is a leading one-stop service provider for brake lining needs in Singapore. We also provide for your clutch lining needs.

Cheong Sheng Machinery provides hassle-free, steady and top quality products and services with reasonable prices and efficient service. So if you are looking for a trusted and reliable service provider for your clutch and brake lining needs in Singapore, look no further.

Cheong Sheng Machinery has all the answer. We emphasis on quality, efficiency and reliability. We are your trustworthy supplier who offers the best value for money in terms of price, quality and expertise when it comes to brake lining in Singapore – something any business and business owner can count on to deliver, fast!

Our company philosophy
Our philosophy is to do our best in providing quality premium services and solutions for our clients. We are always researching into finding the best solutions and to continuously improve what we can provide so that we can give you the best. Turnaround time is a key factor that we strive to improve on, as we know that fast service is what our clients want.

From our experience, we knows the importance of having a top quality clutch and brake lining Singapore supplier– a customer oriented one that has a track record of making the biggest businesses run smoothly. For over 3 decades, we have been providing for the needs of major clients from a wide range of industries such as marine, construction, manufacturing and industrial corporations, and more – many businesses in Singapore have come to count on us to provide invaluable premium service efficiently, promptly and at the most reasonable rates.

In fact, Cheong Sheng Machinery comes out on top on many aspects one must look at in finding a quality brake lining provider in Singapore. Our dedicated and qualified staff will help solve any problems that you may have. So call us or complete the enquiry form below for a free consultation or quotation.

About Us
Cheong Sheng Machinery provides for all your clutch lining and brake lining needs in Singapore. We understand client's requirements for fast and timely delivery of our products and services. We also understand client's pressure to manage their time and cost against quality. We aim to provide quality products and services within a reasonable price, to meet client's budget. Therefore we have come up with our Corporate Values in order for us to deliver to client's expectations.

Quality. From our experience in Singapore, we know that not only are inferior, low quality, cheap brake linings and clutch linings costly in the long run in terms of money, delays, loss of business opportunities and more, they can pose a danger to life and property as well. When they aren’t made well, they can wear out too fast, making replacements necessary too often, causing unnecessary expense. Not only that, they can cause mechanical failure– something that can cause immeasurable harm. This is why we will ensure that the materials used are safe, top notch, durable, dependable and of the highest quality– the kind that won’t wear out too fast, turn brittle and useless, and last longer than those of competition. Quality of the workmanship also counts– how you install the lining is just as important as the materials used. Cheong Sheng Machinery definitely ensures that every product replaced displays impeccable work.

Efficiency. The company knows that delays cost money. For those who are tired of the slow response and turnaround times of other brake lining suppliers Singapore has – Cheong Sheng Machinery will definitely come as a quick relief that’s dependable and trustworthy. Clients no longer need to worry about delays and whether or not the supplier can make delivery on time, right on the dot. This means that business can go safely back to normal as soon as necessary to minimize the delays in operations so it can be business as usual, safe and secure in the least time possible.

Expertise. With our years and years of experience in Singapore, when it comes to supplying clutch and brake linings to the most demanding and discriminating clients– you can be sure that Cheong Sheng Machinery has achieved a high level of expertise. Proof of this is the many satisfied clients that we have acquired throughout the years. Ask anyone who has dealt with Cheong Sheng and they’ll be sure to say that our company and our people definitely know what we are doing!

For a more detailed view of its top-notch products and services and how we can be of service to you and your organization, complete the enquiry form below or contact us.

Our range of Products and Services For our brake lining products and services in Singapore, we are well known in the area of fabrication and customization. Also for re-fitting or re-lining services. We have all sizes of asbestos or non-asbestos linings, ranging from machinery brake disc to oversized brakes. We can even cater for cranes unto 250 tons!

Brake Lining Provider in Singapore Brake Lining Provider in Singapore

Brake Lining Provider in Singapore Brake Lining Provider in Singapore

Brake Lining Provider in Singapore Brake Lining Provider in Singapore

Brake Lining Provider in Singapore Brake Lining Provider in Singapore

So when it comes to sourcing for a one-stop provider for brake linings in Singapore, you can depend on us, Cheong Sheng Machinery to deliver to your expectations. Complete the online enquiry form for a non-obligatory consultation or quotation.

Products and Services

Brake Lining Provider in Singapore
Cheong Sheng Machinery


Brake Lining Provider in Singapore:

91 Desker Road
Singapore 209613
Tel:+65 6296 8755
Fax: +65 6296 755

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