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Bus Rental Service, Singapore
Khim Seah Enterprise Pte Ltd

Khim Seah Enterprise Pte Ltd is a Singapore bus rental and chartering company. We provide various chartering services that include bus charter service, lorry chartering, coach rental and rental of smaller vans and cars.

Have you ever experienced the common problems when it comes to hire bus? Ever tried having a late bus causing your employees to miss crucial minutes of work in the morning, resulting in lost productivity? What about reckless bus drivers who speed on highways with a full load of passengers on buses? Get rid of all of these risks, as Khim Seah Enterprise is at hand to provide a safe and reliable bus rental service in Singapore. We take you to your desired destination safe and sound.

With more than 25 years of history in bus rental services in Singapore, Khim Seah Enterprise has now expanded to more than 100 staff members, many of the drivers who are extremely familiar with Singaporean roads. As a company we strive to fulfill our clients’ needs to the smallest of details to deliver the best customer experience.

Bus Rental, Singapore


Here at Khim Seah Enterprise, safety is definitely our primary concern when it comes to our daily operations. Our drivers hold not just a job. They hold an important mission- to bring our clients to their destination safely. This is why safety is our foremost concern and we go to great lengths to protect our clients from harm.

Seat belts are installed in every single seat on our buses and that although this is not a requirement by the Authorities, we have taken this step to ensure that our clients gets the most thorough of protection to whatever that may happen on the roads. You can count on our bus rental service in Singapore to deliver to your safety expectations.

Bus Rental, Singapore Bus Rental, Singapore

Every single driver working at Khim Seah Enterprise has to go through various courses, such as the
  • Defensive Driving Course
  • Safety Orientation Course
  • Safety Induction Course
This is to ensure that they are of the highest calibre of drivers and can serve the clients of Khim Seah safely. Drivers, who do not follow the company’s safety guidelines and procedures continuously, are immediately made to leave the company so that we can concentrate on having our best and dedicated staff serving our valued clients.

In addition, we are endorsed by WSH Council (Statutory board of MOM) as BizSafe Level 3 company. We want to make your bus rental a safe and satisfying experience. We will also routinely check all our fleet at workshops located in Woodlands and Pulau Bukom, to ensure our fleets are well-maintained. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to using our bus rental service in Singapore. Complete the online enquiry form for more info.


Khim Seah Enterprise has been around for more than 25 years and we believe that with our enthusiasm for the business and with dedicated staff and wide experience, we can be the top bus charter service provider. We strive to be an excellent bus rental company in Singapore.

Over the years Khim Seah Enterprise has been servicing valuable petrochemical clients such as Shell, Foster Wheeler and Singapore Refining Company. Some of these clients have stayed with us for more than 10 years because of our quality services to these clients that allowed us to work with these MNCs for so many years.

As such when it comes to getting bus rental services in Singapore, Khim Seah Enterprise should be your number one choice. Complete the online enquiry form for more information on how to hire bus with us.

Bus Rental, Singapore

About Us
Khim Seah provides mainly vehicle chartering services that include not only bus rental in Singapore but also other type of vehicles. Our comprehensive list includes the services of the following vehicle rental:
  • Bus Rental
  • Car Rental
  • Lorry Rental
  • Van Rental
Bus Rental, Singapore Bus Rental, Singapore

Bus Rental, Singapore Bus Rental, Singapore Bus Rental, Singapore

Our spectrum of services allow us to service all kinds of clients from various groups and backgrounds and this allows for more flexibility for clients to use our services in various different situations such as for events, outings, ad hoc hire, long term and other forms of vehicle hire.

For more information on our vehicle rental and bus charter services please submit our online enquiry form.

Car repair and auto services

Other than bus rental services in Singapore, we also provide car repair and other auto services. Assisted by two Operations Managers, Our Managing director, Mr Chan, has been able to expand the coverage of Khim Seah Enterprise’s services to both Singapore and Pulau Bukom. A manager manages about 20-50 drivers in both regions (Singapore and Pulau Bukom)

We have two auto workshops, one on Pulau Bukom, and another in Woodlands. Manned by more than 10 mechanics with more than 30 years of experience and surpervised by Mr Chan himself, the car repair and auto services have been servicing clients to the top of their ability.

Bus Rental, Singapore Bus Rental, Singapore

The high quality of our work can be evident as tanker trucks carrying petroleum are also being serviced in our workshops. Therefore if this client can trust us with their tanker trucks, you know that our workmanship is trustworthy.

So when it comes to bus charter services or bus rental services in Singapore, Khim Seah Enterprise Pte Ltd is the best place to go to for all chartering services. Do submit our online enquiry form to know more about our services today!

Products and Services

Bus Rental Service, Singapore
Khim Seah Enterprise Pte Ltd


Bus Rental Service, Singapore:

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