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Your Company Name Pte Ltd is an innovative business software provider in Singapore, with an integrated suite of online business accounting software, inventory management software, payroll software and HR software.
We are the first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) software provider in Singapore to offer an All-in-One suite of software for business to help Singapore SMEs operate more productively and with lower operating cost.

SMEs using our Online Business Software in Singapore enjoy the followings:-
  • NO UPFRONT CAPITAL EXPENDITURE for purchasing computer software and hardware. (Computer software and hardware are fast depreciating asset with no value at the end of 3 years or earlier!)
  • LOW MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FEE starting at $31.90 per month so that SMEs only pay as they use the program. Monthly subscription is based only on the number of users' accounts subscribed.
  • NO MAINTENANCE and SUPPORT FEE as all supports like software patches, software upgrades, hardware replacement and helpdesk support are included within the monthly subscription fee. (Thus, SMEs do not have to worry about in-house software problems or hardware failure as these problems are offloaded to us!)
  • FULLY SCALABLE to accommodate future expansion of SMEs' businesses and operation.
  • DISASTER RECOVERY FUNCTIONALITY to allow SMEs to operate anywhere even if their offices are rendered inoperable or when circumstances requiring their staff to work from home or outside their office.
  • FULL PROTECTION of their companies' data.
  • FULL PRIVACY of their companies' data.
  • FULL INTEGRATION of modules for avoidance of multiple data entries between related modules eg employees' payroll payments are automatically updates General Ledger Module after a Payroll Module run etc.

Developed in Singapore, this Business Software modules comprehensively cover fully all business needs in any industry sectors. It has also been certified by :-
  • Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) for compliance to their e-Tax Guide .
  • Central Provident Fund (CPF) for compliance to electronic submission of employees' CPF statements.
  • Singapore Ministry of Manpower standards for handling employees' records and foreign workers residency status.
  • All major banks for sending electronic submissions to banks for electronic payment of employees' salaries.

Online Business Software from Singapore have been selected by Development Authority to be one of the ICT Solution Providers for Accounting / Payroll / Point of Sales (POS) Solutions under their Programme. Clients signing to use Online business software in Singapore is eligible for grants subject to satisfying certain conditions.
Business Software in Singapore

We will continue to focus our effort on providing the best IT services, as well as the most cost effective online business software in Singapore. We strive to provide innovative solutions to our clients at most affortable rates and will continue to enhance our offering to further our aim of assisting organisations with their IT needs.

Our online Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) All-in-One business software in Singapore includes business accounting software, inventory management software, payroll software and HR software. We are proud to call this suite of Singapore developed business software .

Benefits of Online Business Software from Singapore include:-
  • Accurate, consolidated and single view of financial, inventory and manpower records with details.
  • Automated payroll handling and electronic pay slip notification.
  • Automated electronic data transfer to IRAS, CPF and major banks.
  • Employee-self-service facility.
  • Fully integrated modules to avoid double data handling.
  • 24 x 7 access from anywhere with Internet connectivity.
  • Complete adherence to IRAS Tax/CPF regulations.
  • Data security - only data owners can access their data.
  • Data recovery service in event of catastrophic disaster and data loss.
  • Helpdesk support and training are available online, onsite or offsite.
  • Low operating costs.

Your Company Name Pte Ltd has proven to be a reliable online business software provider in Singapore. We have more than 100 clients currently and our clientele continues to grow.

If you are looking for a innovative, reliable and cost effective business software from Singapore, that integrates a full suite of business accounting software, inventory management software, payroll software and HR software, then you need to look no further than Your Company Name' Online Business Software from Singapore.

Business Software Provider, Singapore
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