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Why a Certificate in Social Media Marketing?

Social media is fast gaining popularity and is in many ways are more influential than traditional media.

The role of offline traditional media such as newspapers, TV, radio, SMS broadcast and business networking, is being rapidly replaced by their online social media equivalents such as Blogs, Youtube, Podcasts, Twitter and Facebook.

The low-cost, wide reach, ease-of-use and speed to implementation of these social media platforms, level the playing field for businesses to reach huge numbers of prospects effectively, something that usually would be prohibitively costly to do using traditional media. For business owners, it's really about leveraging on all these online social media platforms to improve branding, PR and marketing for their business.

Be One of the Pioneers in Asia
Obtain an Internationally-Recognized Certificate in Social Media Marketing
from International Professional Managers Association UK

NetProfitQuest is proud to pioneer the prestigious "Certificate in Social Media Marketing" (CSM) programme, certified by International Professional Managers Association (IPMA) UK, to equip aspiring individuals with the knowledge and skills to become Social Media Professionals, capable of helping business owners in the much needed areas of marketing reengineering and social media marketing.

Certificate in Social Media Marketing

The Certificate in Social Media Marketing (CSM), the first-of-its-kind in Asia, is a "Do-It-Yourself" programme for clients who have internal implementation capabilities, to learn the framework of marketing re-engineering and tactical implementation of a social media marketing system.

You will learn not just the WHY and the WHAT but most importantly, HOW you can use social media to stay ahead of your competitors. You will get STEP-BY-STEP action plan to DESIGN, BUILD, OPERATE and MAINTAIN a social media driven marketing funnel to:

  • Find and connect with the right audiences
  • Create compelling communications that will attract strong interest and attention
  • Establish credibility and trust with prospects
  • PREsell your prospects about your products & services to increase conversion rates.

CSM Programme Structure

The Certificate in Social Media Marketing programme utilizes a blended learning approach consisting of 3 phases:-


Phase 1A is a 2-Day Planning Process of the NPQ Application Workshop. Participants will learn how to derive marketing strategy, perform marketing physics and understand marketing mathematics. Participants will also be guided through the process of research and brainstorm to develop a site content blueprint for a high-traffic website. After this Phase 1A, there will be a 2-week break to allow the participants to complete the development of the site content blueprint before returning for Phase 1B.

Phase 1B is a 2-Day Practical Session of the NPQ Application Workshop. Participants will learn the technical know-how of building a high traffic content hub based on the site content blueprint. Participants will then setup and optimize various social media platforms to extend the reach of the content hub, participate in conversations and build communities on these social networks.

Phase 1C consists of 3 Post-Workshop Clinics, each 3 hours in the evening, to assist participants in implementing the knowledge they learned in the workshop into their businesses.


After completion of Phase One, there will be 3 group coaching sessions, facilitated by a certified NPQ Business Coach, to coach & monitor the implementation of marketing reengineering and social media driven marketing system into the participant's business.


In the final phase of this programme, there will be 1 project assignment and also 1 practical project based on applying the social media system provided. Outcome of this project is a social media presence in all major platforms and a high traffic content hub with 31 pages of online content.

Participants who have completed all THREE phases of the programme will be eligible to be awarded the "Certificate in Social Media Marketing" by International Professional Managers Association (IPMA), UK.

About Us

CSM Programme Modules

The Certificate in Social Media Marketing programme consists of the following modules:-

Module 1: Marketing Reengineering

Marketing Strategy
1. What is marketing strategy
2. 4 Steps in crafting strategy
3. Elements of successful strategies

Marketing Physics
1. First Law - Overt Benefits
2. Second Law - Real Reason to Believe
3. Third Law - Dramatic Difference

Marketing Mathematics
29 key marketing questions to uncover "hidden" profit - increasing sales without increasing marketing budget

Module 2: Content Hub Planning

1. What is Content -> Traffic -> PREsell -> Monetize (CTPM) process
2. How to research site concept and select a niche
3. How to brainstorm and derive your master keyword list
4. How to structure site content blueprint based on 3-tier architecture
5. How to plan monetization options
6. What is the right process to choose and register domain name

Module 3: Content Hub Creation

1. How to create a professional look and feel for your content hub
2. How to structure search engine optimized content
3. What are the strategies of creating content
4. How to build free search engine traffic
5. How to increase search engine rankings
6. What are the strategies to build relationships with prospects
7. How to distribute your content using RSS
8. How to develop email marketing strategy to generate sales
9. How to set up contact form to collect enquiries from your website
10. How to allow visitors to share your content easily
11. How to get visitors to do all the work of creating content for you
12. How to know where your traffic is it coming from and going to

Module 4: Social Media Marketing

1. What is the correct social media mindset
2. What are the 23 types of social media
3. What are primary, secondary, aggregation & syndication networks
4. How to structure social media blueprint
5. How to integrate secondary content network to your content hub
6. How to setup content syndication network to distribute content
7. How to setup content aggregation network to aggregate content
8. How to use Youtube for marketing
9. How to use Twitter for marketing
10. How to use LinkedIn for marketing
11. How to use Facebook for marketing

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What Some Clients Have to Say

7 Reasons Why You Should Attend This Programme

If you are serious about Social Media Marketing, then you must consider this Certificate in Social Media Marketing programme:

1. If you want to know how you can reach huge numbers of prospects successfully, leveraging on all these online social media platforms to improve marketing effectiveness.

2. If you are looking for a process-driven and results-proven marketing system that does not increase your marketing budget.

3. If you want to learn the secrets to MORE clients, MORE sales, MORE referrals, thus increasing your net profit without increasing your cost.

4. If you wish to gain expertise in social media strategies and applications, supported by internationally recognised certification from IPMA, UK.

5. You don't have to spend and go overseas to learn from the western countries... you can leverage on our knowledge and system available to you locally for a fraction of what it could have cost you otherwise.

6. Our system is supported by our a large pool of stringently selected and tri-disciplinary trained NPQ Business Coaches who will support you in your learning or application process.

7. We provide you with a total solution to your marketing and business needs supported by 3 key elements of success - STRATEGY, SYSTEM AND PEOPLE!

NetProfitQuest Trainers

Willy Lim
Willy Lim was a Singapore Government scholar, graduated with a Masters Degree from National University of Singapore. He had served in the defense industry as a business consultant, before starting his own direct marketing training business during the recession in the year 2000. By incorporating a system driven business model using the NPQ Marketing Strategy to expand his business, he has built significant businesses in Singapore, Malaysia and China. In one occasion, he built and trained a FMCG sales team from zero to over USD 200,000 of monthly revenue in less than 6 months.
KC See, an accountant by training, has been in business for the last 24 years, having built numerous businesses in various industries. He started MasteryAsia, a regional mentorship company that has to date coached more than 6,980 clients over the last 11 years through the very popular Money Mastery Program. A seasoned Marketer, he had consulted many MNCs and SMEs in sales and marketing strategies and tactics. In one instance he helped a client increase sales by 9 times without increasing any marketing expense.
KC See

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Certificate in Social Media Marketing programme 
Allows me to understanding and re-look at my biz model. Also learned how to select domain name. Need more hands on or discussions specific to industry. …

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Hello, I wish to register for your Certificate in Social Media but your submission form is not working. Please email me the registration information to …

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The Social Media Service is an excellent way to re-engineer the marketing of our organisation and also at the same time give a better customer interaction …

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I think this workshop content is relevant to me and the lectures and handouts are helpful in explaining the key concepts and techniques. Using of Facebook …

Asia's 1st Certificate in Social Media Marketing-Practical to the businesses Not rated yet
I think the most areas are useful. As I am still new in this area. All areas are useful. Most of the area are new and relevant for me to start the business. …

Social Media discovery workshop- Increase net profit w/o incurring marketing budget Not rated yet
I have a excellent impression of trainer's presentation. I think this workshop is useful in sales process, making appointments and solutions. If time allows …

Excellent networking for future business- Social Media Marketing Not rated yet
I think it would help me in the tern of having excellent networking for future business. I got to learned to create my own Facebook, Twitter and youtube …

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I think it's possible use of Social Media to interact with our clint which really help me in the workplace. 3 important things I have learned in this …

Certificate in Social Media Marketing by IPMA, UK Not rated yet
The most useful areas for me would be how to select domain name and understanding and re-look at my business. For suggestion, I think more hands-on …

Asia's 1st Certificate in Social Media Marketing Not rated yet
The areas of the workshop that will be useful for my work like marketing strategy, physics and maths. However, A bit technical on some parts about the …

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Social Media Marketing Course Not rated yet
Good and excellent networking for future business. Learn to create my own facebook, twitter and youtube accounts. Knowledge is unlimited and you can always …

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Maximizing profit by websites. More hands on and on the spot exercises. Invaluable marketing techniques, building my own website easily and creating …

What I have learn in this social media marketing program Not rated yet
Marketing basics always good to refresh plus social media marketing ideas. Get fundamentals right marketing 101 plus keywords then start the process …

What i learn from this social media certification programme Not rated yet
Marketing strategy, physics and maths. A bit technical on same parts about the building of content hub. Marketing strategies, physics, maths. Case studies …

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We just a BLAST at our NetProfitQuest "Certificate in Social Media Marketing" Press Conference at Hotel Intercontinental, Singapore on 4th Nov 10 am. …

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Is this for Real?
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