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Joss Stick Klang, Malaysia
Kim Huat Heng

Kim Huat Heng Trading Company is a reputable joss stick supplier in Klang, Malaysia. They are also a wholesaler of buddha statue and various Buddhism items.
Their aromatic incense sticks have been well known for its quality. Many types of incense sticks are available including, the big dragon, incense sticks with a bamboo inside that supports it to stand straight and tall. There are the standard joss stick which you could find it in many praying ceremonies as well as the cone shape or coil type of incense which hang on the ceiling of the temple.

Kim Huat Heng Trading Company also imports many quality buddha statues to Malaysia from China, India, Vietnam and Myanmar. You could always find beautifully crafted statues to suit your liking. There are many different sizes and materials such as wood, clay, porcelains Buddha statue for your selection.

Not only Buddha statue, there is also the famous Kuan Yin, a female Bodhisattva who often called goddess of mercy and considered an aspect of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara. Kuan Yin also identified with Japanese as Kwannon.

If you want to buy joss stick and buddha statue from Malaysia, you cannot go wrong with Kim Huat Heng Trading Company in Klang.
About Us
Kim Huat Heng Trading Company is famous for its joss stick, incense sticks and buddha statue in Klang, Malaysia. Whether it is for temple or personal usage, Kim Huat Heng Trading Company has it all, ranging from big till small joss stick as well as aromatic incense sticks.

Different aromatic incense sticks to suit your mood like saffron incense sticks help to balance your nervous system and calm of mind. The sandalwood incense sticks which possess the power to give calm state of mind and enhances mental clarity so you could achieve heightens awareness. The Lotus incense sticks which promote dead to seek their highest possible reincarntion and bring good luck.

Kim Huat Heng Trading Company also imports Buddha statue, Kuan Yin statue, Ji Gong, Kuan Gong and many other statues. Most of the statues are made of porcelains but there are some made of wood and clay. You could even ask for their expertise to search for your perfect statue.

Buddha Statue
Buddha Statue Klang Malaysia

Kuan Yin Statue
Kuan Yin Statue Klang Malaysia

Ji Gong Statue
Ji Gong Statue Klang Malaysia

Kuan Gong Statue
Kuan Gong Statue Klang Malaysia
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Joss Stick, Klang, Malaysia
Kim Huat Heng


Joss Stick, Klang, Malaysia:

No. 4, Jalan Sungai Puloh 13, Taman Klang Utama, 42100 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel : +603 3291 0730
Fax : +603 3342 9319
Website :
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