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Local Delivery Service, Singapore
Fastrek Express

FASTREK EXPRESS is a local delivery service expert based in Singapore. Their services include express courier, parcel service, bulk mail distribution, storage compartments, cargo clearance and transportation/ van service.

Mr Alfred Peh started the company by being a one-man show with only one van in 2007. He is previously from the IT Field as Engineer and he decided to quit his job to focus on running a business. And he actually went to work as a delivery driver in SingPost, a logistic company, so that he can learn how the business works. It took Mr Peh only 4 months to master the entire local delivery service system in Singapore before he went ahead with his own business.

Through excellent service and a committed attitude, the business has grown quickly within 5 years to now having a professional team of delivery crew and a whole fleet of vans to cater for the local delivery service in Singapore. From delivering products such as small electronic items, corporate gifts to providing transportation for events and exhibitions, FASTREK EXPRESS goes beyond customers’ expectation. Complete the online enquiry form for more information on how we can assist you.

Local Delivery Service, Singapore

Your documents or products are not delivered on time?
FASTREK EXPRESS local delivery service in Singapore has a money-back-guarantee policy that ensures your products get delivered on time. No more late deliveries, you can rely and trust on us on that.

Need to deliver something at off-hours?
FASTREK EXPRESS provides an excellent and responsive 24-hour service to all customers. You don’t need worry about the clock, when something needs to be delivered, it will be delivered, at all time.

Annoyed with poor service?
FASTREK EXPRESS’ standard of service is one that we boast about. We have the transportation and delivery tools along with the right attitude to help ease your delivery charges. Providing quality service is in our heart so that we go the extra mile to make you smile.

Too expensive?
FASTREK EXPRESS delivers within a reasonable price. To help you save more, we provide a local delivery service contract in Singapore that takes away all your regular delivery worries. Just give us your delivery details, and we will have it settled for you.

Require a storage space for your products?
FASTREK EXPRESS not only provides local delivery service in Singapore, we understand your needs to store your products and items too. Our storage compartments are clean, safe and well organized.

Have an event or exhibition where you need help to transport your products?
FASTREK EXPRESS’ fleet of vehicle and team of professional crew are ready to help you deliver them. We are all experienced drivers and dedicated to transport all your items with care, so that your event will be a success.

Have parcels and bulk mail distribution needs?
We have the delivery tools and system to help you handle your parcel delivery. Parcels of all shape and sizes, bulk mail distribution to multiple locations, nothing is too big or complicated for us to have it settled for you.

For more information on how we can help you with your local delivery service in Singapore, fill up the online enquiry form below. We’ll be happy to assist you.

Local Delivery Service, Singapore

About Us
FASTREK EXPRESS provides a variety of local delivery service in Singapore. Our services include:
  • Contract Delivery Services
  • Express Courier
  • Parcel Delivery/ Parcel Service
  • Van Service & Other Transportation
  • Cargo Clearance
  • Storage Service
Local Delivery Service, Singapore

Outsource your local delivery services in Singapore to us. Why? Here are some of the reasons why and how you can benefit from doing so.
  • You can save a lot from having to buy your own vehicles for transportation, not forgetting about the savings on maintenance cost if you have your own vehicles. Also the COE, insurance, road tax, etc.

  • You can also save on running cost for transportation, which includes parking fees, petrol cost and fines. Why incur all these unnecessary expenses?

  • Save on fixed manpower cost. Can you justify the cost of hiring drivers if you do not have jobs for them to do at all times? You will have to pay their salary even when you do not have any parcel delivery or any work for them to do. Or if you have too many jobs for them to do, they can be overworked due to limited vehicles available and limited manpower. So save on overtime cost too when you outsource the local delivery services to us in Singapore as we can cater for your jobs at any time without incurring additional fixed cost on your end.

  • When you have to manage your own full-time drivers, you will have situations where they will take leave or get sick. Or times when your vans break down or not enough to go round. All these can affect your strict delivery schedule.

  • Save your headaches on hiring and training good qualified drivers for effective and efficient delivery. It is a specialized skill and maintaining the drivers and the vehicles can be a headache. You should focus on your core business scope and let us focus on ours, which is to provide you with quality local delivery service in Singapore.

Local Delivery Service, Singapore

So for more information on our local delivery services in Singapore or to get a quotation, fill in the online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you. Ask us about the special contract terms.

Products and Services

Local Delivery Service, Singapore
Fastrek Express


Local Delivery Service, Singapore:

608 Geylang Lorong 3
Singapore 389005
Tel:+65 6841 1345
SMS:+65 8616 3838

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