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Makeup Cosmetics, Malaysia
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Your Company Name Sdn Bhd, an exclusive supplier of makeup cosmetics and skin care products in Malaysia and Singapore, was incorporated in Malaysia in year 2005. Our beauty product range includes Makeup, Fragrances and Skin Care.

It is our goal to transpire makeup cosmetics and skin care products in Malaysia and Singapore as well-known brands; in-style and trendy, emerging as quality and affordable products in Makeup, Skin Care and Fragrances.

Our products cater to female urban professionals who acknowledge that looking beautiful is something every woman desire to do. When we look beautiful we feel confident!

Therefore, to fulfill this desire, we strive to bring quality products at affordable prices to all women so that they can look beautiful and feel confident, despite the general belief that expensive beauty product are always superior.

Every woman deserves to be admired, appreciated and respected. When a woman starts to improve her appearance, wonderful things will start to happen. It is our opinion that looking beautiful today is something every woman should desire to do - but most importantly not having to increase too much spending to look beautiful.

Makeup Cosmetics in Malaysia
About Us
In this section, you can take a look at out our wide range of makeup cosmetics and skin care products offered in Malaysia and Singapore. For the brand, we have Color Makeup and Fragrance products while comprise of Skin Care Products. Currently, Your Company Name manages the distribution and retailing business in Malaysia and Singapore of the makeup cosmetics and skin care products. We are enthusiastically looking for Agents to promote and sell and products.

Additionally, we provide Re-Branding services for our beauty products to marketing companies in Malaysia and Singapore. Furthermore, we also provide wholesale and retail beauty brushes and accessories.

We welcome any inquiries by calling us or submitting an enquiry at the bottom of this page.

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Makeup Cosmetics, Malaysia
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Makeup Cosmetics, Malaysia:

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