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Muslimah T-Shirt, Malaysia
Action Apparel Sdn Bhd

Action Apparel Sdn Bhd is a leading supplier for Muslimah T-shirts in Malaysia. They are an independently owned and managed company providing manufacturing, trading and wholesale for total fashion items.
Operating from Malaysia, Action Apparel does corporate gifts, contract manufacturing, and CMT production. Recently, Action Apparel launched Zariya, a new brand for *Muslimah fashion from Malaysia, specializing in Muslimah T-shirts. (*Muslimah = Female Muslim)

Action Apparel supplies Muslimah fashion and this new Zariya Muslimah T-shirt line to Malaysia, Singapore, Dubai, UK and Ireland through their network of stores, Busana Muslimah, traders, wholesalers and agents.

Besides buying goods on-behalf of clients, Action Apparel is the expert in finding lead sources for products development to help clients find the best possibilities for expansion of products range. Action Apparel also aims to promote best communication between manufacturer, suppliers and retailers.

Back to basics, Action Apparel guarantees all orders are delivered on time and in the best of conditions.
About Us
General Products:
Ladies Fashion, Muslimah T-shirts and Attires, Men Fashion, Sports Attires, Children Fashion, Babies Fashion, Under-garment, Night-wear, Woven Fabrication and Knitted Fabrics.

Premium and Corporate Gifts:
Diary, Calculator, Custom T-shirts, Umbrella, Caps, Bags and others.

  • Local & International Market Research for the best selection of products.
  • Price negotiation between manufacturer, suppliers and retailers.
  • Personal contact with manufacturers to ensure smooth and quality proceedings of buyers' production.
  • In-house private labels development programme.
  • Interfaces for all orders placed on behalf of Action Apparel's clients.
  • Personal attention to all clients' requirements.
  • Offers great flexibility and choices to client's every requests.
New Product Line - ZARIYA
Zariya is a brand new attire line of Muslimah fashion from Malaysia, especially in new designs and styles of Muslimah T-Shirts.

Zariya apparel is designed with modest styles, suitable for Muslimah conservative image, covering the aurah while bringing out the charisma and beauty. Zariya attires are modern in design, comfortable, pleasant and very practical. This Muslimah T-Shirt or baju Muslimah from Malaysia are very affordable using the highest quality in materials in all of the manufacturing of Zariya Muslimah attires.

Their Zariya T-shirts from Malaysia are suitable for Muslim women, children and even nursing mothers. The T-shirts are meant to suit any occasions such as sports, traveling, shopping or recreational activities.

Zariya's busana Muslimah collection in Malaysia includes:
  • Muslimah T-Shirts (for ladies)
  • Muslimah Nursing blouse
  • Muslimah Children T-shirts (for girls)
  • Muslimah Blouse
  • Muslimah Long skirt
  • Muslimah Scarf / Tudung / Hijab
  • Kidswear
  • Baby wear
When it comes to selecting Muslimah T-shirts from Malaysia, Action Apparel is the place to go to.

Muslimah T-Shirt Supplier, Malaysia

Muslimah T-Shirt Supplier, Malaysia

Products & Services

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Muslimah T-Shirt, Malaysia
Action Apparel Sdn Bhd


Muslimah T-Shirt, Malaysia:

No 2, Jalan BA/12, Kawasan Perindustrian Bukit Angkat, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.

Tel : +603 8733 3608
Fax : +603 8736 9608
Website :
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