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Organic Food Supplier, Singapore
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Your company name is a leading supplier for organic food in Singapore. There is a wide range of healthy food from their organic shop which is a one-stop organic foods mart in Singapore.

Your company name's range of healthy food includes wheatgrass, vinegars and enzymes, cereal and oats, condiments, dried fruits and nuts, flours, fresh vegetables and fruits, frozen foods, gluten/wheat free products, rice and pasta/noodles. They even have organic cleaning and eco-friendly organic honey, kitchenware and juicers, personal care products and many more. 95 per cent of the organic food produce - both fresh and processed - are suitable for all types of cuisine as opposed to other organic food supplier in Singapore that often cater to the Western cuisines.
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Your company name even organizes organic tours including tours to Taiwan. Their products are supplied from many manufacturers from different countries including organic food from Asian countries especially Taiwan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, and USA. Some of the manufacturers' brands include: ALB-Gold, California Baby, Condix Balance Life, Nature's Plus, Orgran, Wei Jung and many others. They also conduct organic food classes for confinement mums; provide organic food cooking recipe and even vegetarian food cooking class.

Your company name have a wide range of organic food in Singapore. To name a few, here are some of the best-selling items:

Organic 3-Grain Porridge, Organic Spelt Porridge and Organic Rolled Oats Porridge from Switzerland - Holle Porridges is particularly suitable for babies. The easily digestible wholegrain grain contains tons of nutrients necessary for your baby's growth.

Organic Finest Black Bean Sauce (Thick or Light), Taiwan - These are fermented for 180 days.

100% Brewed Wheat Grass Vinegar from Taiwan - Black Jujube & Green Plum or Black Soybean & Chinese Angeli or Chinese Olive and many other flavours.

Organic Manuka 10+ Honey is Honey from the Manuka Tree (Leptospermum Scoparium), which grows only in New Zealand's clean & green unpolluted, chemical free environment.
  • Unique, strong taste & naturally grainy texture.
  • No Sugar, no preservatives added. Not heat treated.
  • Tested by an independent laboratory to certify the Manuka activity level as stated on the label.
Organic Plum Flesh Extract from Taiwan - Organic noni farm Linchuan from Taiwan, pangolin ecological farms, concentration 50-60 times.

Organic Ume Plum Concentrate from Taiwan - Ingredients: Organic certified pesticide-free Taiwan Ume, patent biotech extraction of active ingredients.Suggestion: Mix 30-50cc with 10 times of water & drink slowly.

Hurom and Samson Juicers
These Juice extractors are some of the best seller products and great complements for your organic products.

They also carry a wide range of the Thermos equipment.

Organic Food, Singapore
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Great choice of organic food from Singapore 
a great place to get your supply of organic food

Taiwan Organic Rice at Taste Original, Singapore 
Taiwan Organic Rice imported by Taste Original. Watch 13 Jun 2011, Ch U at 9.30pm, they will introduce the organic rice to make into rice ice cream and …

Pasta for kids at Taste Original, Singapore 
Pasta for kids newly brought into Singapore by Taste Original, is a must try for kids. Congratulations, Kelvin for being innovative. I shall ask my friends …

Taste Original - New pasta (Thomas, Bob the Builder, Scooby Doo, Simpsons) 
Taste Original has brought you a new range of Kid pastas. Pls refer to the attached picture. Bob the Builder - Organic Wheat free & Gluten Free Pasta. …

Wheatgrass Enzyme Vinegar appeared in the News - 《醋貫古今》 醋王書寫四千年醋文化 
Taste Original Wheatgrass Enzyme Vinegar produced by Taiwanese Mr Lee (Taiwan Vinegar King)has been interviewed by the China Times Newspaper. Pls refer …

Taste Original - Organic Bubs Baby Foods 
Taste Original brought in another new products - Organic Bubs baby food. It have awarded: Best of the Best 2010 and few gold medals and silver medals. …

Taste Original at HarbourFront invite John Wong to share his new book - Awaken Your Healing Power ! 
The author is coming to HarbourFront Centre to share with you how his recovered from his illness. It has been highly recommended by Dr Mel Gill, Dr William …

Control of the blood sugar level 
After drinking a period of time, Taste Original Ume Plum Concentrate has helped me to control the blood sugar very well.

Wheatgrass Enzyme Vinegar – Essence has reduced the Skin problem with Acne 
Been a chef facing the hot cooking pot for long hours has let my face facing with the skin problem and acne. Especially the forehead, it used to have a …

Wheatgrass Enzyme Vinegar - (Original) has lower my total cholesterol 
Within 3 months, my total cholesterol from 241 pts reduces to 152 pts without any medication. Most of all, my body fat and weight has reduced too. …

Wheatgrass Enzyme Vinegar - Essence has cured my skin problem 
The skin problem has been trouble for the past 3 years. Has seen doctors and TCM too. The condition did not showed much improvement. Friend from Taiwan …

Congrats for appearing on Ist Page of Google 
Hi Kelvin Congratulations for Taste Original, appearing on the first page and ranking second, in the list, on Googles' search page for Wheat Grass Vinegars, …

Taste Original brought 2 U - Organic Spelt Cookies 
Taste Original Pte Ltd brought 2 U another Germany products. Organic Spelt cookies. They are 1 of the pioneer in the organic sector for over 30 years. …

Taste Original Organising Taiwan Organic & Nature Tour in Jun 2011 
Have your ever visit the wheatgrass vinegar brewing factory in Taiwan? Eating the freshest produces from the farm? Taste Original is organising this …

taiwan organic rice farmer Chen Not rated yet
We are planing organic rice at Organic Farm estabished by Tainan City Goverment, new organic rice will be harvested at July every year. How can we sell …

Taiwan Tour for May 2012 Not rated yet
If you are interested to join us for the coming Taiwan Tour in May 2012. Please register with us ASAP. You may come to our store at HarbourFront Centre …

Taiwan Loha Healthy Food cooking, at Taste Original, Harbour Front, Singapore Not rated yet
Taste Original would be conducting special cooking classes, using the products, stocked in our Taste Original shop. Come and experience the real original …

Great range of products. Not rated yet
Great range of products for organic food. All the food is so healthy.

Taste Original - Taiwan Importing of Organic & Natural Products (DEHP free)  Not rated yet
Taste Original Pte Ltd has imported Taiwan products and all are DEHP free. Singapore AVA has inspected our imported Jelly, Jams and Juices. They are …

Taste Original West Coast Br has shifted to HarbourFront Centre Not rated yet
Dear all customers & friends, Our West Coast Branch last day of operating is 15 May 2011. Pls kindly continue your support at HarbourFront Centre! …

Taste Original Wheatgrass Enzyme Vinegar - New book will be releasing Not rated yet
Taiwan King of Vinegar - Mr Lee would be launching his new book about the Wheatgrass Enzyme Vinegar. Pls refer to the attached file for the interview: …

Taste Original - Used 2 & 3 doors glass panel chiller for sales Not rated yet
Anyone interested? Pls call 96227411.

Taste Original organise cooking class on 16 Apr 2011 Not rated yet
Taste Original will teach you to prepare simple & easy way of healthy food. Date: 16 Apr 2011 Time: 10:30 am to 1 pm Location: West Coast Br, Blk …

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