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Swimming Lessons Singapore
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Your Company Name provides swimming lessons in Singapore and is the leading swimming school that provides swimming classes with excellent swimming instructor. In Your Company Name, swimming coaches and athletes believe in swimming in an efficient, smooth and graceful manner.

Led by our Founder, humbly started off in 1998 and was incorporated in April 2010.

We have been a strong advocate to Total Immersion swimming concepts and techniques. We specialize in Total Immersion training system which emphasizes on fluent, beautiful and economical swimming that gives significant end results compared to conventional swimming styles. We coach our athletes the importance of fundamental skills and techniques of balance and streamlining of the body. These skills are eventually engraved into athletes' muscles memory and habits before aerobic fitness, distance endurance and speed trainings are given to them.

We believe that teaching your child to swim efficiently makes swimming more fun, increases aerobic fitness, and boosts confidence in the water. Moreover, swimming in small groups builds trust and friendship and increases EQ. If you looking for swimming lessons in Singapore conducted by professional swimming instructors, look no further than Your Company Name.

Contact us now to reserve a place in one of our FREE 2-Hour NO obligation swimming lessons where our swimming coach empowers your non-swimmer child to swim 5 meters in just 2 hours. Quote "NPQ Business Portal offer".

Swimming Lessons in Singapore

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Your Company Name Aquatic School is the leading swimming school specializing in Total Immersion swimming lessons in Singapore. Total Immersion is conceptually similar to the art of Tai Chi which is advanced in the art of swimming. Students in Total Immersion swimming classes are taught to swim with effortless grace as if a fish and become harmonized with water. Athletes could feel the difference from first lap of intelligence along with Total Immersion practice and get more satisfaction from an effective method of swimming.

Total Immersion training system teaches beautiful and mechanically-engineered swimming technique. Swimmers would be able to swim with grace where their speed can be increased once the correct technique is mastered.

Contact us now to reserve a 2-hour Under Water Video Analysis at a SPECIAL rate and receive a $30 voucher redeemable for Your Company Name products and services. Quote "NPQ Business Portal offer".

In the Mastery series, Your Company Name swimming school coaches your child for triathlon in the correct way. Combining Total Immersion swimming lessons with sports training, We aim to develop your child to become more successful in life! This systematic program helps your child progress in a step-by-step manner to:
  • Increase aerobic fitness
  • Gain confidence in open water
  • Build trust and friendship in a small training group
  • Learn triathlon efficiently to make swimming, cycling and running more fun.
  • Develop good goals, time management and character building

Contact us now to reserve a FREE 1.5-hour NO obligation triathlon kids training. Your child will learn how to enjoy sports better and gain good improvements without injury. Quote "NPQ Business Portal offer".

Total Immersion swimming lessons in Singapore focus on transformation along fluid stroke and induced the concept of swimming as a constant practice. Students could enhance their mind and body connection and achieve higher self-awareness and self-mastery by exploiting swimming in Total Immersion way, leading to physical and mental well-being.

Total Immersion swimming technique emphasizes patience, precision and refinement, as taught by various martial arts masters. We coach students simple skills and easy movements so they may progress slowly and hence mastered those skills and eventually swim gracefully like a fish.

Swimming Lessons in Singapore

Total Immersion swimming classes coached by our professional swimming instructors are known to be one of the revolutionary swimming transformations. The swimming lessons give participants the chance to experience dramatic changes in their freestyle strokes. Through the Total Immersion workshop and method of swimming, Our swimming coaches turn strugglers into swimmers and swimmers into winners! So learn to swim like a professional swimmer today by enrolling yourself in a premier swimming school in Singapore - Your Company Name Aquatic School.

Swimming Lessons, Singapore
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